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John Thorp

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Tutorial 14 October 2011 - John Locke - there are ideas, truth, or concepts that all people know - therefore, there are mate ideas, truth, or concepts - we learn from experience (we are born with a blank slate = tabula rasa) - Descartes says we are already born with knowledge Book I, Chapter I: - problems with a rationalist position - the innate ideas don't exist - children and idiots do not know all innate truths (however they should know it): - recollection, someone just needs to remind them of it (Descartes) - response: if they are born with the knowledge, they shouldn’t need to recollect it - if something is in the understanding, you must know it - not universal to everyone - everyone may know what something is, but others were not born knowing it The Law of non-contradiction: - "This sentence is fals
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