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The Coherence Theory of Truth

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Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

14. The Coherence Theory of Truth (October 27, 2011) 0. Biographical Details: F.H. Bradley - 1846 - 1924 - an Oxford don - he was a British Ideologies - when he died, the intellectual movement kind of stopped - he wrote 8 books 1. Review: problems with the correspondence theory a) trouble over propositions & states of affairs - we have seen that the correspondence theory of truth: - the picture seemed to become very complicated as we thought about exactly what was in correspodence -- not beliefs and things, but propositions and states of affairs b) apparently useless for checking truth - it is a useless theory for checking on truth, for verification - we can't check for correspondence between beliefs and reality because, while we can check our beliefs, we have no access to reality except via our beliefs about it - those beliefs may alter, but they are still our beliefs - reality is transcendent - not independently excused 2. How in fact do we check for truth? - the led us to ask how we do in fact check for truth - the answer appears to be that we check for the coherence of our various beliefs with one another - if there is a visually based belief that the monkey is on the carpet, we would check this belief for truth by forming a) a tacitly - based belief b) an olfactory - based belief c) an informational based belief - if they all cohered with one another we would think they are true 3. The Coherence Theory of Truth - the theory of truth that we actually use is a coherence theory - those propositions are true that are supported by all av
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