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Western University
Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

8. Concluding Lecture on Philosophy of Religion 1. Where we are: arguments in favour of theism 2. Two other arguments in favour of theism: moral argument and argument from religious experience a) the Moral Argument - The only way good and bad in morality can be objective is if they are given by the will of God b) the Argument from Religious Experience - some people have intense religious experiences (mystical experiences), which are, it seems, taken to be self-validating 3. Arguments against theism 4. Divine Hiddenness This is a really new player in a very old field (though, as always, the arguments have old roots). The person who has championed the argument is Canadian The Abrahamic God is thought of as omnipotent and as loving, and desiring to have a loving relationship with every individual human being. Such a God would not make it difficult for humans to figure out if (s)he even exists! But it is incredibly hard to figure that out. Therefore, no such God exists. 5. Cognitive Science of Religion - (Pascal Boyer) Why is theism such a widespread phenomenon in homo sapiens? Itt seems that many people feel an invisible presence, a conscious force that accompanies them. This seems to point the existence of God or gods. Hyperactive Agency Detection Device may be the source of the widespread feeling that "we are not alone" – the feeling that probably stands at the base of theistic belief. (Mechanism
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