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Western University
Physics 2065A/B
Bob Sica

Aerobike David zabriskie WR in time trial in over 20 km stretch, he averaged a speed of 55km/h Sam wittingham – WR on HPV Aerobike 1: It’s as bad as other sports, in terms of doping. Close to 80 km/h speeds on those HPV (human powered vehicles) but impractical Difference between mass start and individual time trial: No draft in time trial so its all about aerodynamics. Group vs individual riding is different because riding in a group, you use less energy. David Zabriskie holds the record over 20 km at almost 55 km/h average speed during a flat ride. Typical 8 lbs. of drag. An elite rider will do the same distance in 5:26 less. Elite rider gets bigger savings in terms of percentage of total time, this is just by form and not by equipment. Page 24) 50 km/h Head wind causes air speed to increase. Need to have certain flexibility to be able to make use of this position, or else they won’t be able to bring their legs up to pedal. In UCI rules, u can’t move your seat forward and backwards pg. 31 Pg. 42 There is no real answer, just different theories. When you do the test, you will notice the different bike seat angle so there is no placebo effect. Scientifically, they say that muscle activation is less at a steeper angle, contradict the theory that hamstrings are activated more, and rests quads. Prof- I don’t think anyone knows the answer yet. Aerobike 2: The top of the wheel is going twice as fast as your speed, the axel is moving at the speed of the bike, the bottom is at rest. Static friction that is what makes the bike, move NOT kinetic. Friction is what drives us forward, like not being able to drive on ice, but not too much that would slow us down. Tubular- inner tube is already inside the tire, different rim because they are lighter. What keeps tire on the rim? Glue the tire to the rim, and they are more comfortable that way. However it is more e
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