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(Course Code 2130) Module Three-The Cell

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Physiology 3120
Anita Woods

f¾n –f°¾ť Ŵ-n¾ť°¾ff ° n¾° n ¾Ŧ°f°¾¾½n€n- ¾€½ n°€- € °°¾¯¾ Ŵ° ½f¾¯ n n¯ťfn°° f°€ ° nf¯¯f°f°¾€¾° ¾¾ţ¾f–ţf° f°¾½€½°¾f°½¾Ŧ – ŦŦn°¾¯¾ţ¾€½°¾° ¾¾Ŧ¯ f–f° f ŦŦfn!¾¾¯¾ţ¾€½f°€ffn¾° ¾¾Ŧ9°¾½ nf½fn!f–° ¾n¾f°¾° ––f½½ff ¾Ŧ Ŵ– ½½ff¾ť½fn!f–¾½°¾€¯ ŦŦ°¯¯f° °¾n¾Ŧ@½¾€¾n¾Ť %Ŧnť°–½°¾ n¯¯f°f¾° 'fŴn°°¯°Ť(Ŧ f–ťn°°¾ °f€ ¾ ° n'Ŧ)¾¾¯ Ŵ¾¾¯ť¾f–¾n¾ţfnf¾–¾¾¾¯€ nŦ°f°f ¾°*¯¾ ¾¾ f¯f––f°¾ţ!fnfţf°f!° ¯n ¾Ŧ ŴnI¾ nť ¾f°¾½½°¾ n¯¯f°€f¾ ¾ nŦ@ ¾ ½n¾¾¾!°°f¾¾n°Ŧ Ŵ ¾¯¾ť°¾–f° €-f°½°Ŧ¾½°¾€ ¾° ¾¾€½°¾ ¾°– f¯°fn¾ţ °n° n¾-Ŧ@½¾Ť%Ŧ'ťffn ŦŦŤ(Ŧť€f° n½f¾¯ţ n nf°€¯– ½¾€¯%,Ŵ(,ţ!°°f¾½¾¯¾Ŧ Ŵ, n° °ť¯¯f° ¾–f° ¯¾€ ¾@9¾–°fŦ9¯f ¯n f°¾¯€°–¾f–f°f°¾€ţ €nf ½ ¾€ nŦ@ ° ¯ € ° °fn¾½°f°€ n¾°€@9Ŧ€Ŵ½nf°–ţ¾¯n¾°nf¾°°– ¯f°¯ţf°¾¯n¾¾ n f¾'n¾¯ ¾nn¾n°¾f°°°–Ŧ Ŵ9f¾¯f,¯f°ť½ ½¾¾– f½f¾¾f–€¾ ¾f°n¾°f° € nŦn¾ n ¯nf¾–°f¾¾°€¯ n¾ţf°¯½f°°€¯°–½ ¾nf°!¾ f©fn°n¾Ŧ Ŵ° ¾ťn°nf °¾€¯n ¾ţ¾½°¾€n°–¯¯°€-¾f°¾ °–¯¾¾ @,¯ f°ť Ŵn ť Ŵ9¾½ ½ ,nťn°f°¾f½ ¾½ f fţf°½fŦ9¯f¾ n € n ¯¯f°¾f f€½ ¾½ ½¯n ¾Ŧ.½ nf°° f¾½° f¾ f/ ¾°°¯°€ 'fŴn f€ f°n½f¾¯Ŧ Ŵ¾,n¾ť°¾° °°Ŵ½f½f€ ¯¯f°Ŧ,f!¾ ¯¯f°¯½¯f¾¯f¾ ¯n ¾Ŧ.½¾!½¯¯f°€' ¯½f f°–Ŧ Ŵ¾¾n f 9 °ť°¯ € °° °fŴn ff°'fn f¾ €fn¾° ¯¯f°Ŧ°*¯¾ff€¯€ ¾½°¾Ť fnf¾nff¾¾€nf°fn°¾ fnn ¯¯f ¾f°°¾ n¯¯f°Ŧ Ŵf f,n¾ť€ °f¾¾nf 'fn f¯¯f°½°f°½¾Ŧ ¯f½nfnf –nnf'ţ½f¾f!°¯¯ °¾½°¾f° n–°°€ n¾° Ŧ Ŵ,¯f°½f°° °–9 °¾ť¾½f° ° € ¯¯f°Ŧnf¾–f¾1n f°°¾ fn° ¯¯°€nf°¾ ¾f°n¾°f° € nŦ Ŵ¾¾n f 9 °ť n f °fffn °¾¾ €fn€ n¯¯f°Ŧ ½½f°¾°– ° n¯¯f° ¾f°n ¾¯n–f°¾ °fn f¾€ n¯¯f°Ŧ 9¾½½¾ť Ŵf½ ¾½ ½¯n ¾¯f ½f½ ¾½ f f½f f°f€ffn½ f¾°°½f Ŧ Ŵ€ffnf¾f ½ n ½ ¾½ f f¾f ½ n Ŵ °¯f°½ ¾½ ½¾f °°fţ f–° ¯¾¾°f½f¾ f f– ½¾f€fn f ff° f¾ff€¯ f Ŵ°n €ffnf¾f ½ nţ f ¯f©fff°fŴ¾ ¾ ¾f°n¾f° °– f¾¾¾°f ¾ n f¾°¾ţ– n¾ţ fţf°¯¾€ ¯n ¾€ °°°––f°¾¯¾ŦfŴ¾ ¾ ¾f°n¾!'–°ţnf°'ţf°¾ ¯°¾nf°½°f ¾½°€ ¯¯f° f¾¾°n nf°ƍ¾¾ƍ – ½–°€ ¯¯f°Ŧ ,¯ f°9 °¾ť Ŵ%Ŧn½¾ť€ ffn ¯°€n ¯nf ¯°¾f°° f°¾¯¾ Ŵ(Ŧ°*¯¾ť ½ n ¯nffn°¾f!°¯n ¾ Ŵ4Ŧ5°n f°°¾½¾ťffŴ¾ ¾ ¾f°n¾ţ!°¾ţ° n Ŵ6Ŧ,¯f°Ŵf°¾½nf¾ťf°¾½¯n ¾fn¾¾ ¯¯f° ¾¯f°n –f n f°°¾ Ŵ7ŦŴ°¯f!¾ť!f°–°¾–n½°¾Ŧ°–°¾f€–°½fn¾ fnf°¾¯ f ¯¯ °¾¾¯Ŧ Ŵf¾ f¾ ¾f°n¾nf°n¾¾ n¯¯f°°n ť Ŵ%Ŧ°n¾¾1'n¾¾ť½°n¾¾€¾¯f¯n ¾ Ŵ(Ŧ€€ ¾° – ½fť° nf¾€€fŴ¾ ¯n ¾ Ŵ4Ŧ€€ ¾° – ½°n f°°¾ť° nf¾€ff°fŴ¾ ¯n ¾ Ŵ6Ŧfnf€€ ¾°ť Ŵ7Ŧnf°¾½ť €€¾°ť Ŵ€€ ¾°¾ ¯¯°€¯n ¾€¯f°ff€ – n°n°f°n°n°f° ¯n ¾ƌf°¯ ¯f¯° Ŵf ½° ¾°¯n°n°f°–f°f° °¯¯°¾* ¾ n ¯nf/ ¯f°°€€ ¾°¾*ţf – ¾ ¯n ¾f°f¯n ¾f ¾f°¯¯°–f Ŧ Ŵnnfn f–¯n ¾ţ°n °–°¾!¾ ¯°¾-f9 ţ°¯fff¾€ ½½¾n f–Ť° nnf–f°Ŧ Ŵ@ €ţn f–°¾nf°¯° n ¯nfn°n°f°–f°f°nnf –f°Ŧ5€ n ¯nff°nnf–f°¾f°½½¾n°¾ţ ¯¯°€ ° ½°° ff°n€ –f°¾f°¾½¯°– ° ¯n ¾fn nn ¯nf/ ¯ ° nnf€n¾/ ff°°½½¾n° n ¯nf€n Ŧ Ŵ ¾f°n¾ ff½¾ nf°½f¾¾– – n¯¯f°Ť°n '–°ţnf° 'ţ€ffn¾ţf°¾¯¾
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