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Glomerular filtration

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Human Physiology Wednesday, October 28, 2009 “Renal II” Renal II • Glomerular filtration  Filtrate that leaves the nephron (excretion) is the urine, made up of the processes listed above  Excretion = filtration – reabsorption + secretion • Pressures affecting glomerular filtration  Hydrostatic pressure of glomerular capillariesGCP ): pressure of blood flowing through glomerular capillaries; forces fluid out; about 55mmHg (biggest driving force of filtration)  Colloid osmotic pressure of glomerular capillaries GC ): pressure created due to presence of proteins; most proteins stay in glomerular capillaries; about -30mmHg  Hydrostatic pressure of Bowman’s capsule (PBC: pressure of fluid already in Bowman’s capsule; about -15mmHg  Colloid osmotic pressure in Bowman’s capsule (ΠBC: pressure created due to presence of proteins in Bowman’s capsule; but almost no protein in Bowman’s capsule; about 0mmHg Net filtration pressure =GC+ Π BC– (P BC+ Π GC Since ΠBC = 0 Net filtration pressure GCP– PBC– Π GC = 10mmHg normally (promotes filtration) • Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)  Amount of fluid (with dissolved substances) that filters into Bowman’s capsule per unit time  If GFR increases, increased excretion of salt & water in the urine  Affected by 2 factors 1. Net filtration pressure a. Influenced by renal blood flow b. Influenced by blood pressu
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