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Intorduction Into Physiology

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Physiology 1021
John Ciriello

Section 11Intro to physiologyCells need to be able to allow desired substances to pass in and waste to pass out while maintain yinternal environmentPhysiology study of function in living organisms explores mechanisms by which the organisms control internal environment regardless of external environmentInternal Environment the fluid in which the cells of the body are bathedconsists of interstitial fluid and blood plasma External environment the region outside the bodyincludes spacecontents of digestive respiratory and urogenital tractsHomeostasis maintenance of relatively stable conditions There are two approaches used to explain events that occur in the body 1 Teleological Approach views body functions in terms of meeting a bodily need without considering how the outcome is accomplished2 Mechanistic Approach views the body as a machine whose mechanisms of action can be explained in terms of physical and chemical processes air in our lungs and liquids in our urinary system are continuous to outside environment Homeostasis These mechanisms are dynamic self regulatory mechanisms involving all the organs and tissues of ythe bodyDeport from rangepathologyy There are 2 control systemsy Nervous system fast short period y Endocrine system slow long actingyBOTH work through NEGATIVE FEEDBACKExtracellular fluid and intracellular fluid Extracellular outside our cells about 14kyIntracellular fluid67 of TBW about 28Lcells are living entities within our body Interstitial fluid264 of TBW 11Lbetween the circulatory system and cells in our body Extracellular fluid14Lfluid outside of the cell Plasma66 of TBW 3Lfluid compartment of blood Chemical CompositionK inside cellthen outside Na inside celloutside the cell Cl inside cellthen outside cell Prthen outside the cell only sodium is greater outside of the cell
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