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Ciculatory System: Blood Vessels

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Physiology 1021
John Ciriello

6th Week June1111 1030 AM Module 9Circulatory System 2 Blood VesselsIntroduction The circulatory system is divided into 2 distinct loops y 1 The pulmonary circulation 2 Systematic circulationAnatomyGeneral OrganizationThe C system is essentially a closed system of tubes blood vessels filled with fluid blood that is ymoved around by a central pump the heart Blood Vessels consist of arteries and arterioles that transport the blood AWAY from the heart Capillaries where gas exchange takes place Venules and Veins that return blood back to the heart The large arteries branch into smaller oneswhich eventually turn into smaller arterioles yThese arterioles also branch into smaller vesselsthat leads to capillaries these are the smallest yof all the blood vessels and are functional units of the circulatory systemwhere substances ENTER and LEAVECONTDTwo principal loops that the blood takes through the bodyy 1 Pulmonary Capillaries One loop begins on the RIGHT SIDE of the bodyand send blood through arteries to the lungsyThese blood vessels continually branch into smaller and smaller blood vessels which eventually ybecome capillariesGas exchange takes place in the PULMONARY CAPILLIARIES yOxygen diffuses into the blood and carbon dioxide OUT yThe blood then enters venules and progressively larger veins to eventually return to the left side yof the hearty2 Systematic Circulation Pulmonary Circulation The left side of the HeartPULMONARY CIRCULATION yBegins on the left side of the heart y
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