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Lecture 4

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Physiology 2130
Anita Woods

Physiology Lecture 4 – Osmosis  Osmosis o Movement of water across a membrane in response to a solute concentration gradient o Water moves to dilute the more concentrated solution o Osmosis is affected by 3 things  Permeability of the membrane  Concentration gradients of solutes  Pressure gradient across cell membrane  Osmotic Pressure o Pressure applied to oppose the osmotic movement of water o In the previous example, the osmotic pressure would be the pressure needed to prevent the movement of water from A to B  Predict Osmosis o By knowing the osmolarity of solutions we can predict osmosis o Osmolarity: the number of particles per litre of solution (osmol/L) o Looking at the ability of a solution to cause osmosis o Only depends on the number of particles not their size or composition  Osmolarity o To calculate osmolarity we need to know  The number of moles of the substance in solution  Whether the substance dissociates in solution  Tonicity o The ability of a solution to cause osmosis across biological
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