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Lecture 3

Physiology 3120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Corpus Luteum, Growth Factor, Androstenedione

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Tom Stavraky

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Physiology 3120
Dr. Regnault
Lecture 3
- Some systems rely on just testosterone for their actions and other require the conversion of
testo to DHT and/or estrogen
The ovary in colourful cross section ovulatory cycle details
- Primordial follicle
o Granulosa cells
These cells are in a flattened state
There is a basal membrane around the outside
These cells are derived from the cortex of the over and they are the precursor
for theca cells
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- Primary follicle
o Granulosa cells
o Zona pellucida
Originates from the oocyte and the granulosa cells
Involved in sperm recognition and allows fertiziliation to occur
Prevents other sperm from entering once one sperm has gotten through
(protective barrier)
- So the movement from primordial to primary, there is an expansion of granulosa cells and
generation of the zona pellucida
- Secondary follicle
o Granulosa layers
o Corona radiata
Inner most layer of the granulosa cells
Most closely attached to the zona pellucida
o Theca cell appear
Cluster around the follicle to increase follicle size
o The preantral follicles are gonadotropin independent growth they are driven by their
own growth factors
o But once we move into the atrum stage, it becomes under gonadotropin control
- Graafian Follicle
o Antrum develops
There are multiple pools that still have barriers of grnaulosa cells in bw them
o Considerable size
About 2 cm
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