Physiology 3120 Lecture Notes - Active Transport, Cotransporter, Osmosis

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Concentration gradients of na and k can be used to power other mechanisms (moving substances down the gradient releases energy, which can be used for other things) Na/k pump on basal membrane (away from external environment) On luminal side, sodium allowed to come in down its concentration gradient. Glucose brought into the cell along with na using the sodium/glucose cotransporter (ratio. Also have sodium/hydrogen exchanger (na comes in down its gradient, which provides of transport?) energy to pump h+ ions out) Indirectly requires atp (requires atp to maintain the concentration gradients) Different mechanisms on one side compared to the other side. Allow for unidirectional transport in/out of body fluids: similarities & differences between all transport mechanisms (study tip!!, osmosis: movement of water down its concentration gradient due to its thermal motion (i. e. diffusion of. Water concentration is determined by the number of solute particles in solution (not on their.