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Lecture 10

Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Francis Fukuyama, Robert A. Dahl, Liberal Democracy

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Erin Hannah

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Thursday, February 4, 2016
Lecture 10 - Political Regimes in the Past and Present
Q: A transition from dictatorship to democracy is an example of a change
of.. A: Regime
3 Worlds of Classification
Based on:
-Shifting understanding of “the West” (begins with Greek&Romans, shifts to us)
-Western economic and political advancement relative to “the East”
-20th Century - “The West” Against:
Totalitarianism: Nazism and Communism
Communism alone during the Cold War (power struggle between West centred
around USA & East entered around Soviet Union)
First World: Democratic, Capitalist, Developed, Industrialized (tech revolution)
Second World: One-Party Dictatorship (dictatorship with ambition, used state to
change country), Command Economy (state controlled), State-Led Industrialization (2nd
Third World: Default category (forced to follow which world it was under control),
Subordinated to Cold War Logic, Generally Traditional Dictatorships, Varied & Shifting
Economic Systems, Underdeveloped
First vs. Second : Strategic Rivalry
-Global competition for sphere of interest & control (divide between supporters)
-Ideological war (capitalism & democracy vs. communism)
Challenges to “ 3 Worlds”
a) Development in 3rd World (it can develop and challenge other worlds) - NICs (Newly
Industrialized Countries, e.g. Japan) , BRICs (new countries starting to pose strong
challenges, e.g. Russia, Brazil, India & China)
b) Rise of China - is West still the best?
a) 3rd Wave of Democracy since 1974
b) 4th Wave of Democracy 1990-91 (collapse of Soviet Union)
a) Collapse of USSR - End of Second World
b) Partial integration of China - No new Second world
The “End of History”? (One approach to answer question of future)
—>The End of History and The Last Man by Francis Fukuyama
First World = Only World?
-Liberalism, Capitalism, Democracy
A New Framework? (Heywood)
1. Western Polyarchies:
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