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Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Digital Divide, Stealth Technology, Joseph Schumpeter

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Global Information Politics
© Nigmendra Narain
Global Information Revolution
Schumpeter: ‘creative destruction’ the new things that comes out destroys the
use of the old thing.
Gramsci: the old is dying, the new is waiting to be borne.
Information and communication technology (ICT): radio, TV, cellphones,
computers, Internet, etc.
Digital Divide
Vast majority of world’s population is NOT on the ICT or the ‘information highway’
o 885 million computers = 12% of world’s population (assumes unique
ownership of each computer)
o 800 million TVs
o 3.3 billion cellphones = 47% of world’s population (assumes unique
ownership of cellphones)
o 200 million Internet users in China = 20% of China’s population
o 1.9 billion Internet uses in 2000 = 28% of world’s population
o 58% of developed states’ high-income population use the Internet
o Everyone you probably know is on the Internet but that’s a VERY SMALL
fraction of the World!
Manuel Castells’
o ‘networked society’
o ‘information economy’
o ‘new international division of labour’
1. High-value information labour
2. High-volume low cost labour
3. Natural resources (endowed)
4. Redundant producers & devalued labour
Global Media
1. agenda-setting
2. sharing perceptions
3. influencing decision makers
4. embarrassing governments
Role of the State
Regulate at national level
International conventions & protocols to facilitate communication and interaction
of the technologies
Policing cyber-terrorism & cyber-crimes
Intellectual property rights
Privacy rights
‘Free flow of information is threat to the power’ of a state/regime
o States need to ‘control’ or ‘manage’ information known to population
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