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Lecture 1

Political Science 1020E Lecture 1: PS-September 17th, 2015 (The Natural State)

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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

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For Tutorial Read Something Public Policy Introduction (1-10) Began with Monty Python Skit What have the Romans done for us? o A lot According to the referred definition of politics, Politics is o A. Necessarily involves violence o B. Requires strong leaders o C. Is a way of dealing with conflict o D. Is best left to the experts o E. Is better than sex Correct answer is C Politics requires at least two people State of Nature (World without States) o Why do we need a state? Thought experiment Imagine no states and no political power, what would it be like? o Lord of the Flies example to demonstrate a natural state or a state of nature, a world without government and where no one has political power o We live in a world of political institutions: police, courts, central government These people then claim to be able to tell us what to do and punish us if we do not o Rousseau said that a State of Nature could not exist because it would take so long to transition from a state of nature to a civil state that it would contradict scriptures. He also believed there were real life examples of states of nature in that day o Is a state of nature possible? Some people claim that the only way for humans to exist is with a state, therefore the state naturally as long as humans exist Thomas Hobbes o Lived in 17 century, most famous book is Leviathan o Three main themes with Hobbes (Hobbesian Themes) Fear War Peace o Should be remembered as the Theorist of Peace o What Hobbes claims Worst scenario imaginable: no state protection Any state is better than no state Powerful state is needed to avoid disastrous interpersonal conflict Main premises: Human Nature Hobbes on Human Nature o Seek Felicity Continual success in achieving the objects of desire is what will bring us to war in the state of nature o Power- The present means to obtain future good (necessary to obtain felicity o Believes that individuals will predominantly be self serving o Seek to enhance reputation o Avers (against) the idea of their own death o Equally vulnerable as able The Road to War (a world without state) o Equality (no one is invulnerable) Not in rights but in strength, as in everyone is of
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