Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Charlottetown Accord, World-Systems Theory, Distinct Society

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Published on 16 Nov 2011
May 21, 2008
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The Canadian Constitution
Blend of unwritten styles
oConventions inherited from UK such as a role of Prime Minister and
oEx: British North America Act: 1867 (now known as Constitution Act
Made amendments made from 1867 – 1982
Established the divisions of powers between the federal
government and the provinces
KNOW FOR TEST (maybe?)
Section #91
Gives federal powers, including taxation powers, the Peace
order, power to natives, the military criminal law, etc.
Section #92
Provincial powers, including health care, welfare, local
politics, local/private nature, licensing
Section #93
Education within the provinces, with some restrictions
Section #95
Commerce, agriculture, and immigration (both provincial
and federal)
oEx: Statute of Westminster: 1931
Took Canada out of British colonial status
Canadian Parliament essentially became independent
oConstitution Act of 1982 (including Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
Finally codified an amendment formula
Gave the provinces more powers
Established a true Canadian Bill of Rights which was superior to
the 1960 Bill of Rights which only affected the Canadian federal
Never signed by Quebec (but Quebec is legally bound by it)
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