Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Artificial Insemination, Rape Crisis Center, Proletariat

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May 29, 2008
Ideologies: Fascism
Main Points
Almost a “religion of nationalism”
oSees the individual as secondary to the nation
Sees the nation as indivisible
oAll groups and classes must be harmonious
oAll must be done for the good of the whole
oBy a party and a leader
Can be imperialistic
oItaly and Germany were
oSpain and Portugal less so
Also usually strongly protectionist
oBut pro-capitalist
Strongly anti-Marxist and anti-liberal
World War 2 largely discredited this ideology
National Socialism (Nazism)
Technically, Nazism was not really fascist because it is based more on the idea of
“race” than “nation”
oHowever, German Nazis always felt a tension between the above concepts
Led Hitler and others to declare that Germans were the highest
expression of the “Aryan” (white) race
So they were nationalistic fascists after all
Nazism has been called a conservative (reactionary) philosophy
oA “popular philosophy”
Anti-big government, anti-big labour, anti-big business mass
oA “socialist” philosophy and a “fascist” philosophy
oThe only thing it has not been associated with is liberalism
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