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Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Nonresistance, Brian Barry, Calvinism

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Lecture: Liberalism Part 1 Oct. 27 th
Read pgs. BD 64-92 177-82 Wolff
What is Liberalism?
- all liberals aim to promote individual liberty
- liberals value liberty
Brian Barry 1936-2009
Barry on Liberal States
- religious toleration
- freedom of the press
- abolition of servile social status
Barry on Liberal Ideas
- no religious dogma can reasonably be held with certainty
- every doctrine should be open to critical scrutiny
- fundamental equality of all human beings: inequality is an artefact
Human Nature and Freedom
- rational, self-interested
- fir competition and equal opportunity
- individuals should be free from legal barriers, customs and conditions to love as
they choose
Medieval Europe
- religious and conformity
- ascribed status
- feudalism
- challenging ascribed status
Protestant Reformation
- against church corruption
- against priestly authority
- tradition and ritual versus reading and doing
- promote beliefs of reformers
Resistance and Freedom of Conscience
- Luther and Calvin: non-resistance
- Later Calvinists: right to overthrow
- Leads to religious tolerance
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