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Lecture 8

Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Pepper Spray, Universal Suffrage, Multiple Choice

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

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Tues Sept 30
Lecture 8
What is going on in Hong-Kong? Multiple choice exam question on the link between it and what
has been covered in readings/ lectures
Upcoming rigged election 2017 (Beijing government announced it would be allowed to
be an open vote but made it clear the only candidates allowed to run must be approved
by communist party)
Universal suffrage, only party-approved candidates
So important because it could create looming demands for political reform across China
Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protestors surrounded government offices and
business district (police responded with tear gas)
What the protestors want – right to vote for any candidate they like for Chief Executor
Who the protestors are – many younger people (university and high-school students)
The Umbrella Revolution – umbrellas to combat pepper spray and tear gas
Stalemate and Censorship
oChinese authorities block access to twitter and facebook as well as Instagram
What will happen next?
Will the protest grow? Will the government use more force?
The Principle of Fairness
a. Objects to burden sharing
b. Can’t justify limits to individual freedom
c. Condemns free-riding
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