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Power January 10, 2012
Focus = Power
What is it? Two types according to Nig
Domination power over > Make A do B when B does not want too
Empowerment power to > assist, help, provide resources
Politics as Stories
Northrup Frye (Doug Long)
Conservative majority: positive vote for C‘s or fear of NDP or default if don‘t like Libs?
o Get out Al-Qaeda
o > get rid of terrorism
o > save the women and children
o > re-build Afghanistan so lost soldiers
Global politics happens around you/because of you!
―Personal is the political‖ –> ―Personal is the global‖
o Rwanda: personal > political genocide
―All politics is local‖ (Tip O‘Neill) -> ‗glocal‘ (Sassen)
o Who are my neighbors <- fear them first!
o Airport security, Iraq base security, UWO security:
Who runs the front line of security?
Who are we trying to secure ourselves against?
Cost = final arbiter?
Good deeds… bad results?
Food for the less fortunate, challenged, or facing a temporary set back
What type of food do we drop off?
o Sugar (cereals), processed (cans), pre-canned meats (preservatives), little or no veggies
What sort of health results from that food?
Is it helpful or a hindrance to bettering oneself?
They don‘t have this in Third World, so is it a Western ‗luxury‘?
Solutions‘ Problem = SCALE: Bombay‘s Dharavi Slum & UWO
o Is the worlds largest slum
o 600 acres @ 400 people per acre = 240,000 people
o UWO = 900 acres
o w/Dharavi‘s population = 360,000 people
o Or entire population of London lives at UWO
For every person in this class, there would be another 10 added = 5000 [entire
UWO 1st year class]
How many kids will die from disease or malnourishment or poverty by the time this lecture is over? 2400
Trans-Sovereign problems are problems that are not solvable by one state or by state actors
Issues of Soverignity
The actual main global problem = confronting sovereignty while trying to solve problems
Why have problems just become trans-sovereign?
They always were! Who has jurisdiction?
Key: globalization
o Facilitation (easier)
o Intensity (greater impact)
o Interdependence ―states relying on each other rather than do alone/self‖: tech, autos
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o Spreading immigration, disease
o Transferring environment damage
o Borders? drugs, sex traffic, nuke material
o Global organizations UN, World Bank, Russian Mafia
January 12, 2012
Issues of Sovereignty
- Sovereignty of states means you get to do what you (having control or power) ex: Westphalia
- Jurisdiction
Legitimate right to makes rules in your state
- Territory
Land (air, water)
Borders: delineated and demarcated
- Violence
Legitimate use of force actor if you break the law and harm other
Max Weber
- Population
- Resources
- Government
Systems, institution, control
- Recognition
By other states
Most important = no-negotiable <- UN recognition
Why Sovereignty Matters after 1648?
- Onuf= deal with competing authority structures
- Majestas: institutions inspiring respect ex: monarchy, church. This does not exist anymore because
they don‘t have as much power anymore as they used too
- Potestas Imperiandi: coerce and enforce rules ex: states, Kingdom. The state doesn‘t follow you to
the afterlife; the state instead used coercive tactics such as violence to control you. It transfers
sovereignty from the church or monarchy to the state structure. You‘re not loyal to Steven Harper
rather your loyal to the Canadian political structure and system
- Stewardship: rule on behalf of citizens (Burke) democracy. Once you vote, your vote is saying that
you give politicians to act on your behalf
- Spruyt: rationalize resources and economies. State economy (capitalist economies of scale) you
sovereignty to consolidate the economy, everything is done on a larger scale. Get rid of competing
political organizations based on (papacy, ethnicity, and religion) and moves the loyalty to other
things. The form of European statehood after 1648 becomes used throughout the world.
International agreements and equal standings (all European states are equal autonomous)
- One voice: you want one person to speak for the group of people to make agreements and enforce
**Sovereignty was once linked to Capitalism
** There are 8000 ethnicities throughout the world
** state sovereignty today is
Today‘s challenge= Transsovereign Issues
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- 8000 ethnicities or 191 states (nation states don‘t exist, states do)
- Need manage without closing borders, economies, flow of info etc. (India, Israel)
- Require cooperation (Iraq; Af-Pak, Us needs to look at the entire problem of these
nations in the war
- Coordination: resources and outcomes (what is success?)
- Economic and social issues= interconnected ex: drugs= wealth, lifestyle, job, respect,
stress, health insurance
- Contracting outselling sovereignty? Paramilitary; mercenaries for hire; Ugandan
- Global economy open markets? Managing financial crisis BUT return to
―Performance Bonus‖ culture
Future of Sovereignty
- Ohmae: ‗nostalgic fiction‘ in the age of the global economy, states not sole powers
corporations work together, NGO‘S, TERROSIST, OTHERS all can be very powerful in
changing political decisions
ex: 911 changed a lot of security polices throughout the world
- Retreat of the state Susan Strange
state can‘t perform its functions
defence of territory<deved=no threat, deving =can‘t stop threats
reduce social safety net< decrease spending and reduce taxes= can‘t help own population
lower taxes =less public works, better markets
decisions about trade les about states interest, states are marginalized and central to their
own marginalizing (getting selves out of the way)
they all need some entity whether it be jobs or something else to keep the economy a
cannot build infrastructure, privatize, property rights, keep taxes low
unable to secure monopolies and certain states domestic industries, global trade, MNCs
ex: truffle industry
the state is no longer the only legit use of violence
- Currency values<floating currency and global trade=no control
This means that states have lost control over money if the currency is floating
- Economic development< foreign direct investment (FDI) = outsiders.
Electric motive plant is moving, so collapse of jobs and loss in economy
- Economic management< pressure to curtail fiscal regulatory role=laissez-faire, get state out of the
- ‗Skills revolution‘—James Rosenau
Growth of technologies to access government directly, check information, be informed
Diversity of skills needed by all actors
Increase democratic accountability
- ‗Territorial-less sovereignty‘ – Richard Rosencrance
Does not need land-control
Japan: influence and role in many parts of the world (Honda, Toyota
Control of land does not guarantee sovereignty>Iraq
- ‗More things change‘ Kraser= default assumption
- Spruyt: no political alternative to European Westphalian state sovereignty if they want control and
be recognized by other states. Anything less will not be recognized
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