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Lecture 2

Political Science 1020E Lecture 2: Lecture 2-September 15

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Erin Hannah

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September 15, 2015
Lecture 2
Polics, Power and Authority
The Decline of Violence
Steven Pinkers Thesis: our me now is the most peaceful than it has been in any history
Evidence: war is declining (between states or in states), number of deaths in wars has also declined,
democrac countries don’t ght each other (and most countries are democrac), chances of dying by
violence has decreased, genocides gone down
Explanaon: the existence of states in polics, spread of commerce (don’t want to kill trading partners),
spread of reason (moving away from violence of women, children, etc), development of empathy and
compassion, makes you poorer, weaker
What is Polics?
-elecons: cizens choose their representaves
-policy decisions: decisions about transportaon, nuclear, health, educaon
-law making: rules on taxes, relaons between municipal, provincial and federal gov’t
Polics Maers
-involves decisions that a%ect you
-laws assign rights and dues
-decisions are enforced
Hai and the Dominican Republic (Hispaniola)
-di%erent environmental condions: DR is green, Hai is brown due to forests, rainfall etc
-DR is 7x richer than Hai
-DR has a di%erent economy than Hai
-DR has 74 natural reserves, Hai has 4
ALL consequences of polical decisions
Some meanings of Polics
-formal government acvity
-dishonestly seeking personal gain
-noble pursuit of the public good
-“who gets what, when and how?”
Primates: a biological order that includes humans, apes, and monkeys
Who gets what, when, how?
-compeon, power, and con9ict
-dominance strategies and alliances
-winners and losers
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