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Lecture 18

Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Michael Freeden, Richard Posner, Preemptive War

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Erin Hannah

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Lecture 18
November 12, 2015
Pope Pius IX Syllabus of Errors
-human reason requires God’s help to discover the truth and promote human welfare
-this is a denial of liberal commitment
-catholic religion is the only religion of the state
-separaon from the church and state is a mistake he says
-rejecon of central liberal claims
Cultural Conservasm: 1
-Wordsworth, Coleridge, etc.
-favour emoon over reason
-simple, rural, communal life and natural hierarchy
Cultural Conservasm: 2
-industry is dehumanizing and alienang
-commerce and capitalism destroy culture and spirituality
-worried about commercial acvity and reject pursuit of pro#t and material wealth
Tory Democracy
-a$ract support from aristocrac landowners and working class
-address working class needs: improve working condions; support right to organize and strike
-encourage working class to support monarchy and church
19th Century Conservasm in the United States
-First Strand: cultural conservaves reject raonalist pursuit of perfecon and harmful e)ects of
-Second Strand: economic conservaves defend liberal society and laissez-faire capitalism
Conservasm vs. Mass Society
-conservave distrust of democracy because it leads to chaos and dictatorship
-masses are ignorant and unrestrained
-we should just entrust government to an elite
Conservaves vs. Communism (from 1917)
Conservaves reject:
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