Political Science 1020E Lecture 12: Democracy 1

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Lecture 12: Democracy 1
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Next time: Why Democracy?
Read Swift 208-237
What Democracy Is
The Nation-State and Global Justice
Con't from last lecture
Political Power
The power to issue and enforce binding commands
Liberal will command the military
Paris climate conference- we'll see what the policy is going to be
oMaybe put a price on carbon
How should this power be distributed?
Who has sovereignty
Who Should Rule?
What sort of gov't is best?
Ruled by whom?
Everyone should rule
Political power should be distributed equally
oDecisions should be discussed among everyone
Every citizen should have the right to an equal say.
Each one of us having the right to an equal say at some critical point that affects the outcome
Rule (Kratos) by the many (Demos)
Collective Self-Rule
Gov't of, for, and by the people -- Abe Lincoln was for the people
Democracy is political equality
Historically unpopular view, but today it is well-adopted.
There's nothing better than democracy, but democracy's not good either.
The Scope of democratic principles
Democracy is ruled by the people, but who are the people? Does that mean all Canadians?
Should it be limited to that?
Maybe demo should mean that everyone effected by the decision should be part of it-- like
Canadians buying their produced goods from the South which affects their pollution in the south
Degrees of Democracy ***** super important
1. Directness of decisions
Direct democratic decision making: everyone votes on each issue (extreme end of
Indirect: voters choose representatives who then make decisions
More direct is more democratic but not necessarily better
Telademocracy- American idol- people who know nothing but are able to vote on
their favs
Many people vote knowing absolutely nothing-- these outcomes may not be
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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