Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Economic Liberalism, Neoliberalism

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1. Lectures 10 & 11- community
A Central liberal claim:
Liberals are mainly concerned with protecting individual freedom
oWhat does this imply about the values of community?
Liberalism does not= neoliberalism (economic liberalism; defends unrestricted free market:
laissez-free market)
Liberalism only wants to defend individual freedom to form, revise, & pursue a conception
of the good life
7 community inspired objections to liberalism
1. Do liberals assume that people are selfish
a. Sometimes community is used a code for morality
a.i. People should care for each other, so we should reject egotistic liberal
b. Liberalism is somehow institutionalized selfishness, but it’s a moral doctrine: it
says that the freedom of each person matters equally
c. Liberal morality aims to ensure that individuals are free to decide for themselves
how to live as long they others with respect
2. Do liberals recommend a minimal state?
a. Liberals agree that the states job is to protect and promote individual freedom
b. Not at liberals are libertarian
3. Do liberals emphasize rights rather than responsibilities?
a. To have a right is to have a justice claim, the kind of claim that implies duties on
the part of others
4. Do liberals believe that values are subjective (based on personal feelings) or relative?
a. Do liberals think morality is just a matter of preferences? No
a.i. Liberals say that everyone should respect individual freedom & equality
b. Are liberals’ subjectivists about conceptions of the good? No
b.i. Liberals believe that choice is a necessary condition for living a good life
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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