Political Science 2137 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Chlorophyll, Inedia, Boron

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-from hunter-gatherers to urban dwellers: the three great. -population growth as a demand on the environment. -neoconservatism (pc and liberals) and the lack of environmental policy. -easter island: civilization and quality of life depends on a sustainable relationship with. -our resources are finite; our political will is low; yet it is clear that environmental problems must be solved even if solutions require widespread social, economic, political change. -the land and water area that would be required to support a defined human population. -humanity"s continuing dependence on naturewhat must be done to support a humane: principles of ecology and ecosystems. -1. plants and animals have evolved the ability to deal with the physical conditions to which they are normally exposed, (evolutionary adaptation) -2. many, if not most, individual plants and animals can change their tolerances to physical factors if exposed to gradually changing conditions, (acclimation)