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Lecture 8

Political Science 2142A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Aimee Mullins, Posthumanism, Vitruvian Man

Political Science
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Political Science 2142A/B
Alison Meek

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Posthumans: real-life ironmen
o Oscar Pistorius aka the blade runner
Amputated legs at 11 months old
Requesting the olympic committee to participate in the
olympics with his prostetic legs but was denied
Believed he would have an unfair advantage
o Leonardo DaVincis painting of the Vitruvian Man c. 49
The ideal dimensions of the human body
We have gone a long way since this image, we dont think like
this today
We can no longer think of the human being without its
Interdependence between human and machine
Reimagine how we view our bodies, and forcing us to rethink about what the
human body can do
o What the human being itself consists of
Questinos for discussion?
o What are the limits and boundaries of human life and artificial life?
We use the word life for both
o )s our feeling of self-consciousness the first person ) perspective
truly authentic?
o (ow much of me is authentic and how much is genetic, social, or
cultural, that is, out of my control?
o How much can we trust the data of our own senses and experiences?
o )s the boundary between reality and virtual reality clear and
o Can humans really be human without their technologies?
Aimee Mullins TED talk
o Kids are trained to see disabilities, things that are weird
o Stop assigning form, aesthetic, science different values
o Move away from the need to replicate human features
o Conversation about augmentation, potential
o Architects of own evolving identities
Contextualizing posthumanism
o A contested concept (many different definitions)
o For our purposes, lets think of post-humanism as the concept of
human being that which comes after humanism i.e. DaVincis
classical Renaissance image of the human)
Man is the measure of all things
Justification for seeing humans as superior
o In which human and machine are not separate but fused; in which
humans are technologically augmented and enhanced
A spectrum of mutating life forms
o Examples:
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