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Lecture 3

Political Science 2142A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Wayne Gretzky, Jean Baudrillard, Edward Snowden

Political Science
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Political Science 2142A/B
Alison Meek

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Poli Sci 2172 Lecture 3 September 28th
Celebrity Culture, Designer Activism and Commercial Utopias/Dystopias
Can bring attention to problems that would otherwise be ignored
Use power and prestige to persuade others
The Power of Celebrity Endorsements
o Wayne Gretzky endorsing Stephen Harper, despite no longer being a
Do comments such as Gretzkys actually influence anyone?
2008 US study suggests celebrity endorsements do have an
Barack Obama was endorsed by Opera Winfrey
Increased overall voter participation rate, and contributions to
Obamas presidential campaign
Estimated additional million votes for Obama
Undecided voters can be influenced by celebrities because they
look to
Commercial utopia dystopia?
o The consumer is at the center of the utopia
o Technology to express individuality
o Marketing 2020
Dystopia was referring to the past the antiquated POV,
while utopia was referring to the new model
Technologies will help us, empower us
The power is shifting to YOU
o Classical liberalism: more digitality, more connectivity, more
productivity, more transparency
Dystopian view: for less than 1% of the world
o Cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard, The Vanishing Point of
The more connected humans are (digitally), the less they
connect to one another, the more deindividualized they
The more they retreat into their turtle shell
A carceral niche with video walls
We no longer neutralize people by repression and control, we
neutralize them through information and communication
You can paralize a person much better by excess rather than
deprivation of information
o Edward Snowden: We are all going to be drowned in data
Everything becomes a message
o Minority Report Personal Advertising in the Future
o Jon Anderton walking through the mall
o Everything extremely personalized and customized
o Advertisements communicating with him (biometric technology)
o Consumer utopias
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