Political Science 2230E Lecture Notes - Canadian Federalism, Cooperative Federalism, Concurrent Powers

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2230E
March 5th, 2013
Canada’s subnational units
Provinces: premiers instead of PM, left tenant governor, no upper chamber, MPP, members of the
national assembly (QB), members of legislative assembly (MLAs)
o Federal gov’t cannot take away their rights: constitutionally entrenched
Comparison to federal government
Municipal governments
o Subordinate to territorial and provincial gov’t
o Can unilaterally make changes to scope of municipalities
o Creatures of the province
o Responsible for property services: garbage, sewers, police, etc.
o Share some health services
o Tend to get overlooked
o 40% of landmass but 3% of the population
o Almost no body there: why called a territory?
Politics run differently
Aboriginal culture influences system of politics
Politics is less confrontational
Clear distinction between province: relation similar with fed gov’t as municipalities
Gov’t can add and change laws in territories
o “A system of government in which political authority is divided between two or more
constitutionally distinct orders or levels of government”
o Interstate federalism: relationship between order of governments
o Intrastate federalism: subnational gov’t have rep at national level within the federal
o Neither level is subordinate to the other in theory
o Relationship between systems
o 2 levels of gov’t, both are separate neither is subordinate
o Unitary state: China is the largest
Why are they unitary? Size, and geographically based regions
o Dissolution: becoming several countries, i.e. Eastern Europe: Soviet,
Why federalism?
o To prevent or resolve conflict: dissuades foreign threats from attacking, a method to prevent
foreign aggression
Less likely to fight one another
o To promote economic prosperity
Trade becomes easier
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