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Comprises 27 countries Switzerland and Norway are not members
Politics in this region are very complicated and their histories are complicated as well
Greece financial crises Greeks have had enough of the EU and the EU have had enough
of Greece
Europe has entered a really rocky phase
European Political Crisis
Europe has had enough of spending billions of dollars to their Mediterranean
neighbours and relieving nothing in return
It comes down to cultural differences every community has different kinds and values
and norms
Greeks feel privileged to receiving but not to giving a transfer union
Immigration and xenophonia
Roadmap to low-carbon Europe 2050 costs are expected to be enormous 257 billion
per year
Feel the financial benefits from this roadmap are expected to be 320 billion per year
EU has to have a common motion, they have to reach a common agreement every
single step of the way for every single issue
Incredibly cumbersome process, because every morning and evening they have to have
extra meetings to come to a similar consensus
Also have diluted vacuous statement
This signals a disagreement in Europe
Disagree with eachother but disagree with the US even more
- War on terrorism even though EU was sympathetic to the problem they faced they
were very unwilling to go to war
- EU thought it would increase terrorism around the world by antagonizing muslims
- Israeli- Palestinian conflict; EU is more balanced in their communication with the
- International Criminal Court EU took it very seriously didn’t want to leave gross
war crimes unpunished and the US worked to undermine it
- Climate Change, GMOs they don’t talk to each other
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