Immigrant: physically leaves place of birth for new geographical settlement location
- 200 million immigrants per year globally
- Negative number for number of home births but growing number because of
International immigrant: a person who stays outside his usual country of residence for
at least one year
- Can’t have a continuous 6 months away or you start to lose citizenship rights
Reasons why someone would leave
- Voluntary
- Repatriation where groups of people leave a certain area to return to the place
that they lived before
- Non-voluntary you may face discrimination or you can’t work in your chosen area
any longer
- Flee/escape generally consider these people refugees
Regular Immigrants
- Migrated through legal/ legitimate channels into a different state
- Recognized by a host government these people are allowed all the same rights as a
regular citizen except if they commit a crime or some voting rights
- Host governments usually prioritize certain skills, talents, etc
Irregular/Illegal Immigrants
- Enter a state without proper authorization
- Fail to exit a state when authorization is no longer valid
- UNHCR forcibly displaced people
- 42 million refugees
- Internally displaced persons = 26 million
Population Patterns
- Developing: growing emigrants
- Developed: declining immigrants
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