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Political Science 3388E Lecture Notes - Natural Disaster, 2005 World Summit, Médecins Sans Frontières

Political Science
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Political Science 3388E
James S Quinn

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Humanitarian Intervention
oThe key to the promotion of Human Rights
oIntervening in sovereign territory of the state to protect endangered
oAt risk from natural disaster, political violence or war
Directly targeted or suffer indirectly from social distortion
Arbitrary detention or forced displacement
Original Definition is very narrow (See textbook)
o2 places in UN charter where HI is allowed
Ch #6 of Charter: grounds for peaceful settlement of disputes
Security Council can authorize non-coercive measures
Ch#7: when threats to peace and acts of aggression
Security Council can have military intervention
Red Cross went into countries o relieve human suffering
oDid not criticize governments to avoid being barred/banned
oMore important than political circumstances
By 1960s group began to reject neutrality
oDoctors Without Borders
oUSSR/US stalemate in Security Council broken
Allowed for more HI to exist under CH #7
"Use all necessary means"
Right to Protect
oRead in textbook
World Summit defined Right to Protect HI definition
Find chapter Hi definition is under
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