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HUMAN SECURITY February 28, 2012
Protection of individuals
State security x Human Security
- Mutually reinforcing
- States threaten own populations, more than external threats to individual = human
rights, political dissent, denial of goods/services
Violent conflict prevention needs to be minimized
Proliferation of arms prevention
Security of people on the move refugees, IDPs
Post conflict situations reconstruction
Free trade and market geared to the poor- capitalist development
Minimum living standards water, food, clothing, shelter
Accessible basic health case
Equitable patent rights- access to medicine
Universal basic education, also health education
Global identity respecting other identities, affiliations etc.
- Bubonic plague
- New World
- Urbanisation urban sprawl, proximity, density
- Condensed environments animals, waste, housing
- Sanitation poor; open in South; chemicals (not able to get rid of waste that cause
- Sexual practices anal, unprotected, myths, rape/domestic violence
- Travel- spreads faster
- Poverty basic health, weakened immunity, illiteracy
- Ignorance best practices, non Western meds
- Basic Health not accessible, limited options due to funders, vigilance/ checks
- Lack of Medicines patents, quantity, profit, insurance
- Drug use- unhealthy lifestyle, needless sharing
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