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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Poli Sci Wolff Reading 117State of nature a world without governmentHave humans lived in a state of nature Is it even possible to live in a state of natureWhere there are humans there is a state Without a state we would be lower forms of animal not humanSome say that humans HAVE lived in a state of natureHobbesBelieved a state of nature could never succeed2 keys to understanding human nature selfknowledge and knowledge of general physicsHumans seek felicity success in achieving selfdesire which forced humans to create a stateHumans being equal means the weakest could kill the strongest in one way or another equally vulnerableHumans are predominantly selfregardingHumans seek to enhance reputation statusGoods owned are always sought after by others so no one person is always safeHe sees 3 principle reasons for attack in the state of nature for gain competition safety lack of trust and glory reputationState of nature will turn into a battlefieldNo morality in a state of natureThere is a natural right of libertyif someone is causing harm you have the liberty to act on itNo injusticethere is no laws stopping people from doing harmEveryone has the liberty to use their powerHe does believe in laws of nature in order to preserve ones lifeCollective rationality or what is best for each individualThe state allows humans to securely follow the laws of natureHobbes ThemesFearWarPeaceHobbes The story so farNeed the state to avoid a war of all against allRoad to war Equality scarcity and uncertaintyAttack for gain safety and reputation Laws of Nature Hobbes Fundamental Law Seek if you can get it Second Law Lay down natural right if others do too Third Law Perform your covenants one act is performed in the present while another is paid back laterIndividual and Collective Rationality may lead to war and peaceIt is rational for individuals to attack othersIt is smart for one person but dumb for everyone elseIt is rational for the collective to seek peaceLets break a dealCollectively rational outcome is unstableIndividuals have an incentive to defectThe state provides assurance that the laws of nature will be followedLockeBelieved that a state of nature would not result in a state of war and that humankind could survive without a governmentHis ideas of perfect freedom a state of equality and the Law of Nature are different than those of HobbesHumans are morally equal with the same rightsLockes Law of Nature claimed that humans were put on earth by God with the duty to preserve mankind as much as possible no harmLockes natural liberty entitles humans to do only what is morally permittedSince everyone is equal any one person can enforce and punish someone who causes harmLockes state of nature has an enforceable and effective moral law backed by the natural right of punishment
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