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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Politics, Power, Authority- Lecture Sept. 11 What is Politics? 1. Could be a means of avoiding war 2. Democracies tend not to fight each other 3. War has been decreasing and number of deaths decreasing too 4. War is a cultural tradition which can be eradicated (arguments against this- we have the capacity for war or peace) 5. Seems to be about how people control other people (ie. Laws, rules) Politics: Some Examples  Elections  Demonstrations (Occupy Wall Street, G20 protests)  Policy Decisions (environment, tuition)  Law-Making (constitution) Politics Matter  Decisions that Affect you  Laws Assign Rights and Duties  Decisions are Enforced Hispaniola 1. One island which incorporates two countries- Haiti, Dominican Republic 2. Different Environmental Conditions  Dominican greener, more forested, nicer  Haiti has a higher population density and is the poorest country outside of Africa  Dominican is 7x richer than Haiti  Dominican has 74 parks covering 1/3 of the country, Haiti has 4 parks 3. Consequences of Political Decisions  Both had dictatorships 4. Politics Matter Some Meanings of “Politics” 1. Formal Government Activity 2. Dishonestly seeking Personal Gain 3. Noble Pursuit of the Public Good 4. “Who gets what, when, how?” Primates 1. A biological order that includes Humans, Apes, and monkeys.. 2. Apes are political too 3. Chimpanzee Politics (book)  Competition, Power, Conflict  Dominance strategies and alliances  Winners and Losers 4. Bonobo Politics (just as closely related as chimps)  Peaceful  Gentle and Loving  Erotic and Egalitarian  New Study finds bonobos not so nice (they hunt and eat other monkeys) The Elements of Politics 1. Social 2. Process 3. Conflict 4. Binding Decisions 5. Enforced Between Love and War  Pure Conflict= War  Pure Cooperation= True Love  Politics= Conflict and Cooperation Where is Politics?  Family, Econ
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