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Feminism and Racism

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Question: Unlike liberal feminists, radical feminists a) Reject capitalism b) Emphasize difference c) Fought to get women the vote d) Support “free love” with all the “radical dudes” Radical Feminism  Overcoming sexist attitudes and beliefs (internal obstacles that need to be overcame) - No double standards or presumed attitudes towards women  Women are subject to their own internalized harmful attitudes and false beliefs - Women should affirmed their own power and not be subordinated by men  Emphasize women’s difference - Not as liberal feminism where it emphasized that women are the same as men, radical feminism states that women are different, in attitudes and outlooks  Male bias in setting the terms of the debate - Cultural struggle of identity and ideas  The air we breathe: “The structure and values of American society.” (Catherine MacKinnon)  Women had no role in creating the rules of game The justice-care debate  Is justice itself a gendered concept?  In fact, women value connectedness  Men value separation and abstraction Gilligan’s In a Different Voice  Justice - Seeking abstract rules - Moral mathematics  Care - Consider particularities - Case-by-case moral reasoning - Narr
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