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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Socialism after Marx Fascism Engels  Creator of official Marxism after Marx’s death in 1883  Exposed poverty and criticized subordination of women - Feminist and socialist criticism  Materialism and “Scientific Socialism” - Everything important to human beings comes down to productive activity and economic principles - Scientific socialism for Marx (Open to amendment to claims)  Objection to capitalism - Reoccurring crises (objection of boom and bust) - Capitalism wasteful because it requires other people to act as police - Capitalism produces huge amount of inequality (free market left to itself produces gaps of wealth) Eduard Bernstein  Revisionist - Revising the orthodox view laid out by Marx and Engels  Evolutionary socialist - Social-democratic ideology  Morality: Freedom, respect, means - Treat each other with respect - Moral objections  Politics and economics - Objection: Socialist political parties are possible - Promoting workers’ rights and the welfare state - Objection to the fact that political revolution is inevitable Fabian Socialism in Britain  Shaw, Wells, Sidney and Beatrice Webb (root of intellectuals that promoted gradual socialism)  Fabian: Wearing down the enemy by delaying  Produce change not by violent action, but by waiting  Parliamentary path to socialism  Promote efficiency and social justice  Bourgeois, bureaucratic, and benevolent  Nationalization and the welfare state  Promoting political legitimacy (sustainability of the welfare state) Brian Barry 1936-2009  Socialism is a theory of “citizenship” - Political institution of inclusion - Fairness in income and wealth distribution - Civil, political, economic rights  Anti- Capitalist: Supports collective control of the economy - Move from society governed by tyranny to a freedom of collective economy - Liberal socialist who believed the collective control of economy is a requirement of individual freedom - Private control is the enemy of freedom  Collective action to overcome undesirable consequences of individual actions - Against individualism and promote collective decision through the government to attain the ends that individuals would never be able to achieve - Individual decisions are horrible and make us worse off - It’s more expensive than the public solution - Socialist solutions to put restraints on markets on the basis that each and every citizen is treated equally. Fascism Some Features  “Fasces”- Sign of authority in ancient Rome, Social unity under political
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