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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

Regime Change & Non-Democratic Regimes © Nigmendra Narain  1950: 22 of 154 states were Democracies  2000: 192 of 200 states are Democracies Regime Breakdown  Breakdown ≠ democracy o Retrenchment usually o The powerful do not give up power willingly  Causes: o Economic causes  Modernization –wealth and education improve –new groups/powers emerge, does not equal centralized control  Poor economic performance—anger amongst inhabitants; unable to buy or deliver to the loyal followers o Social causes  Rising expectations –lowered prospects for future or stagnation  Relative deprivation –change has created worse situation; other groups are doing better still  Ethnic conflict –religion, identity, etc; Syria: minority populations rule o Political causes  Corruption –threaten livelihoods; inefficient  Institutional failure –gov’t bodies fail in their assigned areas; distrust = self-aggrandizing politicians (  War  Actors o Political elites –power grab; disagree on basic rules; individual aspirations within elites o Business/economic elites –poor/bad economy or economic policies; instability o Military –coups; basis for order, stability, power; institutional self-survival o Mass public  Regular citizens  Economic motives –welath retention, jobs, inequality Page 1 of 3 (c) Nigmendra Narain, Political Science, UWO  Political motives –freedoms, corruption, new institutions  Social motives—nationalism o (Religious groups?) –theocratic, anti-religion, eg. Iran o International community  Military/strategic intervention –Cold War  Economic intervention –World Bank, IMF
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