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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

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Why are there no Arab Democracies? Questions: 1. What was the 'third wave of democratisation'? Answer: when it went global 2. What is the most common explanation of why Arab states have not had democratic systems of government? Answer: autocratic and authoritarian governments present because they are passive and rather have people rule over them. Or the religion or culture. Islam focuses of being submissive to God, which is a common explanation as to why people are passive is sense of gov’t. 3. What is the "Muslim gap"? Why does Diamond find this explanation problematic? Answer: the ethnic divide, the majority of the Muslim countries that exist outside of the Arabic middle east do have democracy. The level of religious involvement in the state varies depending on which of these you go to. Therefore the argument that Muslim people do not like democracy is inaccurate 4. What is Kedourie's explanation? What is Diamond's critique of this explanation, and how does he use the comparative method to prove his critique? Answer: The arab countries no longer mind that there is no democracy as they have gotten used to it. No need for politics because they believe the religion in and of itself is the law. Diamond’s rebuttal says that this is false because there are a lot of countries that have ethnic and religious violence (ie Turkey), still have democratic governments. 5. What are Jamal & Tessler's findings and why might they be important? Answer: the general results from the polls said that the people in Islam wanted democracy, equally secular and Islamic votes. The areas which they varied on are woman’s rights and racial tolerance. 6. Why does economic structure matter more
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