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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Peter Fragiskatos

TOPIC: What is Politics? 1. Use of government. 2. Politics as the study of power and effects. 3. Politics as the study of resources and their use. 1.  At the most basic level, politics is concerned with social activities and decisions.  They have or likely to have direct or indirect consequences for others, and not just the individual doing the activity or making the decision.  These activities lead us to politics as a study of government, one definition of politics.  This means we will study activities and decisions made by government- i.e the prime minister, finance minister, and so on.  Their decisions are social as they have large consequences for large numbers of people.  Conflict – the presence of disagreement between two actors that have different goals. One particular issue that contains interests between both parties.  Job to prevent this conflict is government’s.  Law is meant control conflict.  Politics/government also plays a large part in the economy. 2.  Power is about trying to get people to follow the laws they pass i.e co
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