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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

GLOBALIZATION •idea of the transformation of the state- growing irrelevance of the state •modern and post-colonial state, either because his ideas have changed or because of brevity of the state •communications and interdependence has increased rapidly which has caused flows of people to increase quickly •if military power is declining the flows of power changes •conflicts tend to be amongst states where territorial boundaries have been arbitrarily drawn world of Weber is unraveling entering into an era where military • development has a different view - nature of war has been subject to significant change •divide between people who think globalization is strictly economics or if it is political, social, cultural etc •The key question is whether state autonomy is viable - whether in the future given the influence of globalization •difficult it is to talk about globalization without talking about its consequences, there is different profile on the idea that globalization is a compilation of difference ideas as a discourse of its power in order to discuss it in reference to its benefits as opposed to it being one evidence based idea substantial ideas of globalization in the developed world than they are in • the developing world - it is partial - in some ways the intensity of interaction in developed countries were more intense than they have been in the 1960s. this is not new - just a new wave of globalization •suggestion is there that you may be confident of several decades of globalization will be sustained over the long haul but surrounding events can get in the way - and very quickly erase this •ways to look at globalization by problematizing it in a historicism way that is unprecedented and will look at globalization in a whole new way •the state of nature as a disciplining force - •there is enormous variations in strength across the countries in the world - capacity of states is lost often when they cannot take part in the globalized economy •a variety of developing states emerged in a very different context and when through a different developments - take note that while sovereignty exists in a constitutional sense, the capacity of states is profoundly different depending on what side of the argument you are arguing from •globalization is an opportunity taken by the developed countries on the developing countries to create a narrative the stems results that are sometimes unwanted •austerity - cultivating an environment conducive to state spending •states will change, but they will remain on the scene •the effect of globalization is directly correlated to the institutions your country has created and how powerful they are varieties of capitalism - thinking about economics in an institutional way • •there are fundamental differences in the way that individuals choose to do capitalism •in every context and region capitalism is institutionalized differently - interactions that exist between business and labor •theres no such thing as an economy - everything is interpreted
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