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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

THE BEHAVIORAL REVOLUTION •Webers definition of the state: a state is a human community that successfully claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force with territorial boundaries • - the city, commonwealth, short thumbnail version Hobbes was dissatisfied with the idea that states were kissed by divinity • - Hobbes criticizes the popular sovereignty account because he doesn't believe that people precede the state, theres something about forming a community that makes people come together, they don't associate before the period of the state • - - the people participate in constructing the Leviathan, or commonwealth but its not reducible to this, the state applies to a uniform political community, these people share commonalities based purely on their geographic location • - creating a state involves fashioning a human community, and maintaining the state is the identification of the person in the identity of the human community • - the human community is alterable based on rule of a territorial region •THE RATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL REALM • - sovereignty exists today in relation to other nations but the apparatus of IR is constructed on the basis of this distinction - powerful because it brings to bear a different understanding of the state • based on each factors based on coercion and power • - abstract impersonal state - the state is not reducible to a strongman or a principle, the state is abstract and is more than the holders and organization of power at any particular time • - there a story of the state and a story of the abstraction of the state - stratification works in many ways, we have to look at the multiple ways • that stratification is embedded in our political processes • - it is important to see that the monopoly of force
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