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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

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EXAM PREPARATION •show your ability to maneuver amongst the material you don't have to cram everything you can into the exam address alternatives and refute them to make your argument stronger • •dont have to quote page number or quotes but you can just reference an authors name, draw upon the readings in a creative way •everything that you need to prepare for the exam is on the syllabus - we have all the resources required to complete the exam in a successful way •some of the weeks in the course are not mentioned in the questions but there is opportunity to draw upon those weeks to construct a stronger argument •GLOBALIZATION CONTINUED •the state will not remain as it way, social scientists have abandoned the idea that the state will vanish and reduce down to almost nothingness •hyperglobalization thesis is not frequently held these days but it is shifting and finding new ways to address tasks •GOVERNANCE •is so common now-a-days that it has replaced the word government but it should rather be used as a term for the state •can't just be the power that the state has over a group of people but has to be more than institutions is the process that the government uses to steer the collective identity of • society •there are informal structures that penetrate individual relationships and aspects •governance includes the usage of non-state actors like NGOs and rational free agents etc we have seen a story with a strand with the construction of a distinction • between state and society - state is that which is distinct from the anarchic realm and order of states •bureaucratization is about scoping out the individuals who are going to perform the actions of the official state •with governance its no longer individuals in public office holding power, officialdom is not exclusive in power anymore - theres a way in which the state confers public power for private actors and thereby turning them into quasi-public actors - shift from officials to not being the exclusive bearers of power • the boundaries historically of state and society have been blurred - gradual movement to clarification - pattern of corporatism, aristocrats and guilds all possess a degree of public authority •explore the idea that if governance is true, a state made up of clear lines between public and private, it makes us think of the possibilkity that this might turn to be a historical abborration or something we leave behind • we dont necessarily have to see this in either or terms, governance has always been with us and its ebbed and flowed over time - entirely possible that som
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