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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

THE THE STATE AND WAR •locate the state in respect to new institutionalism •LAST WEEKS MATERIAL recap: with skopol the state society distinction was overdrawn by the • behavioralist and materialist and it could direct society as opposed to just listening to it. the way the state was shaped and its variety made the society. society doesn't exist autonomously. states are always trying to shape the societies they govern •every state tries to create a society that functions, and it is constantly being reshaped and reformed •the state didn't just find union confederations, the state provided them resources in order to permit their institutional providing •Almond; this is an overdrawn contrast, straw man example. there is much more statism and interest in independence influence in institutions via the pluralists - theres more continuity and the bringing the state back in isn't new material •primarily the debate that gets set up - for man states acquire autonomy in part because social actors recognize the need for the state and will confer on the state the resources in order to do the job of generating a social order • once you give the state powers, the state acquires power to do the things you may not like and you can't necessarily take these back states are sights through which societal influences travel through - not all • social and economic influences, there are a variety of societal influence like military and economic and ideological interests - heterogeneous interests •Mann; despotic distinction, though the state has autonomy it is never more powerful than when it moves through society by taking account and acting in its constituents interests. negotiating with society, people want to be taxed and governed. the state in this mode doesn't act entirely how it wants but it gets society on board and pushes social actors to do its bidding. •state power is at its greatest when there is a combination of state and society, when the state acts through society - powerful influence in recent years borrowing money at a superior way because they can attract international • creditors because their people are happy and they can't as easily default on their loans. well run society can thus punch way above its weight •TILLEY •the state makes war and the war makes state - interest in war making •process of creating an identity through a process of othering. you build your identity in reference to others identities, who is victorious and who is not •paint Hobbes as a founder of Hobbosian realism - develops a position that is recognizable realist crucial here. realist understanding of IR - hard shelled states in competition and highly consequential military development. competition drives development internal to the state •state formation comes precisely from the anarchic international sphere and the competitiveness of the international community for dominance • sovereignty has always been a double image - internal society and international system •the state comes into e
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