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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

WEBER •Marxist influence in Weber is the worker from the product as a result of capitalism capitalism involves a divorce between the worker and his product - in what • way is the state official alienated from the foundations of the office •Domination in Weber is the illegitimate value of workers giving you the right to rule over them, theres some way in which the exercise of power has constructed a legitimization that individuals have consented to - obey because there are benefits down the road three way to legitimate power: traditional, charisma and rational/legal • • - traditional, authority is derived from your national heritage, accepted the authority of traditional form within your traditional lineage • - the power of tradition comes from us looking back at history and accepting their origins •long standing institutions are normally accepted because they have existed over the course of time for a reason so there must be merit and wisdom in them • - reform that which exists is not necessarily true for Weber, traditional legitimation involves the carry of tradition from past to present • - charismatic, where authority is derived from the leaders person, forceful personality that appeals to the individual in a way that enforces their power on you • - there are many people who have extraordinary personalities, so why is it that charismatic effect appeals at one time and not another, Weber thinks this has to do with structure and the time in history at which point individuals feel the need to be led by these individuals •charismatic approach breaks routinized leadership, comes in only occasionally and leads us in a new direction, charismatic revolution that leads individuals to a new future •Rational/Legal - people identify with consequence and respect authority and the legal system, however it interferes with the fact that law isnt always objective or unbiased. Idea that all of the players are governed by a generality and thats what makes it rational to us appreciation of a need for consequences • •understands the class is a source of division and conflict in society, class status and partisan considerations that separate society, but once we set up the rational legal apparatus is justifies the system to us but allows us to deduct c
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