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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

AUTONOMY •STATUS OF THEORY/CONSTRUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE •relationship between the types of theory - behaviorlists threw their weight behind the distinction between fact and value •value had to be taken up in a particular way and it didn't necessarily involve itself in the pursuit of behavioralism •value pluralists said that values are fundamentally endless sources of conflict and dispute and there is no way to adequate find solutions for them •the focus on empirical political science is relativistic, denial for the need to for value and foundation - reminded people that social scientists didn't place enough weight on fact and value •many theorists criticized political scientists for valuing facts too much and not being able to say anything about what is a good path and what is a fallacious path •political theory is about exploring the normative world and the role in this fashion is partially constructed by the factual world that is related to empirics •there is a timelessness to political theory issues - worked through over time in a variety of ways - and an embrace in contemporary issues by rethinking the issues and solutions of the past •looking at the way knowledge has been constructed - part of a search for meaning in peoples lives in reference to their communities and the state •republicanism: we should live in more than merely liberal societies, the strength of sovereignty. people are political animals and we should analyze where individuals ended up becoming narrowly self interested individuals • social control - enlightenment mentality the point is to develop an understanding of how humans interact in society, reliable understanding of human beings of society •empirical and political theory (context dependent) - extract variables from muddy varieties, relies on the character of education at the time of development. if the education system was structures around a discourse that presented certain things as good, was chartering people down a path and was locked in forever, supersedes generations of people there's a huge break: one of hand was early political scientists had an • idealist vision of the state on the other hand they pushed that state aside and side lining the state - artificially narrowing the realm of possibilities •the state gives agency to individuals and not devalues gr
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