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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Politics 1020 October 16 2012Distribution of PropertyFor utilitarians the idea of diminishing marginal utility suggests that income should be distributed a To the happiest people b Relatively equally c So that it minimizes net welfared Without being taxede To marginalized cultural groups The Income ParadeHow income is distributedIncome translated into heightFrom negative height to 80 km tallWealth parade more inequalityInequality Canada and USAWealthy inequality in Canada o 46 billionairesbottom 14 million Wealthy inequality in the USA o Bottom 40 own 03 of wealth o Top 20 own 84 of wealthGlobal InequalityWorlds richest 513 of global incomeWorlds poorest 8013 of global income14 billion people live on less than 125 per dayRousseau on Private PropertyThe true founder of civil society o First person who took the piece of land and said this is mine Fruits of the earth belong to us all o Earth itself belongs to nobodyo If it produces things we need we should distribute it equallyThe Right to Private PropertyNozicks three parts of a theory o Initial acquisitionIf you go back in history it has to be true that someone initially acquired property and said they owned that property o TransferMust be an exchange for property o RectificationIf property was taken in an unjust way someone ought to be done What justifies excluding others o If something is mine I can exclude youLocke How ownership originateso How do people come to own property
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