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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Politics 1020 November 29, 2012 Green Ideology Thomas Midgley - Had more impact on atmosphere than other single organism in the history of the earth - Lead in Gasoline (Ethyl) - Invented Freon o Destroyed ozone layer - Death as a metaphor o Died in his bed strangled by a network of ropes to pull himself up According to Animal Liberationists and Speciesists a) Follow the argument of Darwin’s Origin of Species b) Believe humans are superior to non humans c) Emphasize the importance of speciation in evolutionary development d) Isolate the fitness of specific traits Serious Environmental Problems - Loss of natural resources o Natural habitats o Wild food sources o Biological diversity - Soft ceilings on necessary resources o Energy sources: oil natural gas and coal o Fresh water - Harmful things we generate o Toxic chemicals o Alien species: lamprey in the great lakes o Atmospheric gases - Population growth and per capita impact (human population) o Population should stabilize at 9 – 12 billion o More people require more resources o Developed world is 32 times developing world Ecology as Ideology - Beyond left and right o Left right spectrum is misleading - Green vs the mainstream o Humans are the centre of everything - Humans are agai
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