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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Politics 1020 October 11, 2012 Liberty, Inequality and Property Communitarianism - Liberals wrongly see individuals as isolated atoms o Disregard groups, social activities - Liberals wrongly think we can detach ourselves from current social practices o Values of our community define who we are o Find out what communities you belong to  Will tell you what your obligations are Liberal Reply to Communitarianism - We are not isolated atoms o Our sense of ourselves comes from society - We can question received views even if we can’t question all of them at the same time Citizenship - Common sets of rights and duties - Civil, political and economic rights - Expansion of the class of citizens o White men who were Protestants who had property o Race, sex, religion, and wealth was the requirement for being a citizen o Class of citizens has expanded o Women can become citizens now Multiculturalism: 1 - Cultural diversity of modern societies - Challenge the idea of the “normal” citizen - Reject exclusion, assimilation, marginalization and silencing Multiculturalism: 2 - Exclusion: keeping minorities out - Assimilation: forcing compliance with majority norms and practices - Marginalization: forcing indigenous peoples onto reserves - Silencing: institutionalizing the disabled Multiculturalism: 3 - Demand for a more inclusive understanding of citizenship - Recognize plur
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