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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Politics 1020 September 11, 2012 Politics, Power, Authority - What is politics? - Government and the state - What is power? - What is authority? Politics - Elections - Demonstrations (The Arab Spring, G8 Summit, Occupy Wall Street) - Policy Decisions (Nuclear power, health policies, natural gas, education) - Law making (Legislation, taxes, infrastructure, constitutions) Politics matters because… - Decisions that affect you - Law assigns rights and duties - Decisions are enforced Hispaniola - Different environmental conditions - Island that connects Dominican Republic and Haiti - Haiti has high population density because of slavery - Dominican is seven times richer than Haiti - Dominican’s economy is exports oriented - Haiti’s economy is agriculturally oriented - History of the development of political institutions affected their current situation Some meanings of “politics” - Formal government activity - Dishonesty seeking personal gain - Noble pursuit of the public good - “Who gets what, when and how?” o Chimpanzee Politics  Competition, power, conflict  Dominance, strategies, alliances  Winners and losers o Bonobo Politics  Peaceful  Gentle and loving  Erotic and egalitarian  Not very nice  Hunt and eat other monkeys The elements of politics - Social - Process - Conflict - Binding decisions - Enforced Between love and war - Pure conflict = war - Pure cooperation = true love - Politics = conflict and cooperation Where is politics? - Family, state, economy - International, between states
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