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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

 war may be a recent development  “war is the continuation of politics by other means”  The End of War — John Horgan’s Thesis  for: o war is declining o democratic countries cannot fight each other (one of the strongest points), increasing # of democracies o war is not deep in our nature— “bad cultural meme”, a bad idea that caught on  against: o genetically conditioned to engage in war? psychologically, we are capable of being peaceful or not (plasticity) WHAT IS POLITICS? Examples:  elections: citizens choose their leaders  demonstrations: protests, eg. Tea Party against Obama  policy decisions: about the environment, about health, education, etc. eg. to what extent should we be promoting global conservation?, how much should we be spending on health care?  law-making Politics matter because they affect you. Laws assign rights and duties, and these rules are enforced by penalties. Hispaniola Example  Haiti vs. Dominican Republic  different environmental conditions— DR produces 7x more GDP than Haiti  consequences of what? some say culture, some say geographic location. consequences of decisions made by institutions.  POLITICS MATTERS Some Meanings of Politics  Formal Government Activity, eg. discussions between parliament members  dishonestly seeking personal gain (used colloquially: “it’s all political”)  noble pursuit of the public good  who gets what, when, and how? Primates: humans, apes, monkeys… If politics = who gets what, when, and how? Then…  Chimpanzee Politics:  concerned with power  competitive  potential for conflict  can lead to alliances or wars  there are winners and losers (alpha male vs. beta male)  Bonobo Politics:  peaceful  gentle and loving  erotic and egalitarian; sensitive to others  conciliatory rather than aggressive  in 2008, shown to hunt and eat other monkeys (but likely due to environmental issues)  We are as closely related to the Chimp as we are to the Bonobo. The Elements of Politics (Meaning of Politics by Jones)  a social activity or process in which groups with conflicting interests reach binding decisions concerning what to do, and then those decisions are enforced on those who do not cooperate  between love and war  pure conflict = war  pure cooperate = true love  politics = conflict and cooperation (l
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