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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

IDEOLOGY AND IDEOLOGIES Thinking Determines Action  politics are about ideas— not just about contrasting self-interests  why 9/11? partly due to radical Islamism  why Occupy Wall Street protests? partly due to rejection of corporate capitalism in its current form What are Ideologies?  systems of ideas with histories— meanings change over time o need to know history of ideas in order to understand the ideas themselves  a set of ideas aiming to shape social change  dynamic: adapt to historical circumstances  purport to explain the political world o to motivate people to do things in accordance to their goals Where did Ideology Originate?  Destutt de Tracy (1790s) introduced a science of ideas in order to explain where ideas came from  around the French Revolution (1789): the birth of the Age of Ideology o people started to question beliefs o tried to overthrow French regime o order achieved by Napoleon Bonaparte Ideology Today  means social/political worldviews  “isms”, sets of social/political ideas that have all encompassing views of the social/political world Four Functions: 1. Explanation o why the social/political/economic world is the way it is o why war, poverty, ethnic tension, peace, prosperity o make sense of world events 2. Evaluation o gives reasons why social/political phenomena are good or bad o provide standards for evaluating social conditions 3. Orientation o gives follower a sense of how they fit into the social world o
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